Lee Valley & Veritas Gardening
Lee Valley 35 Years  
  Volume 8, Issue 5 - May 2013    
Customer Letter
Hello from Wiarton:

Lee Valley provides so many great products, and we enjoy using them even if it means work. Many years ago, we bought several chunks of your green shade cloth (BL612). At the time, we were growing perennials for sale and we used the cloth to shelter the plants in our sales area. We have gone beyond that phase but we continue to use the cloths, and some of your customers might learn from our experiences.

Dry bed lined with shade cloth   Dry bed after spring clean-up

In the attached photos you'll see our "dry river bed" lined with shade cloth to catch all of the leaves and winter debris. In five minutes the whole thing was cleared out, and the contents were on their way to the compost bin. Pretty darned slick. All we needed were a few stones to hold the cloth in place against winter's breezes and, as you can see, we have lots of stones.

We hope you have a great growing season.

All the best,
Tom Ashman
Wiarton, Ontario

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