Lee Valley & Veritas Gardening
Lee Valley 35 Years  
  Volume 8, Issue 6 - June 2013    
Customer Letter
Dear Lee Valley,

Thought you might be interested to see my experience with your tomato craters (SG101).

My tomato patch consists of eight plants (three in the back row along the fence, two center row, three front row) crowded together due to space limitations. The fence is along the west side of the patch. Historically the three plants nearest the fence have been "runts", with the one on the right being the smallest of the litter. Consequently, this is where I chose to use the three tomato craters I have.

You can see from the attached photos that the two plants on the left in the back row have easily held their own this year, and the one on the right is a giant and has lots of tomatoes to come despite having provided a number already.

James Taylor
Hamilton, Ontario
Tomato plantsTomato plants
Tomato plantsTomato plants
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