Lee Valley & Veritas Gardening
Lee Valley 35 Years  
  Volume 8, Issue 7 - July 2013    
What Is It?
What Is It?
Since we're heading into the peak of summer when many of us are focused on enjoying the warm weather, we thought we'd have a bit of fun with this month's item. Of course, many readers will immediately recognize these strap-on roller skates. Although they aren't strictly gardening related, they're certainly associated with outdoor activity. We found these, which are in mint condition, in our antique tool collection among the many gardening and woodworking tools. Perhaps one of our staff members saw them at auction and, overtaken by nostalgia, just couldn't resist purchasing them?

This pair was made by the Chicago Roller Skate Company. The roller skates are the Zephyr model (No. 173), patented in 1933. The patent stated the intention was to "provide a new and improved skate which is constructed of heavier and stronger material than conventional skates and still is lighter in weight." The two-piece, adjustable-length roller skate plates easily adapted to a child's growing foot. The skates featured solid steel wheels and twin-row high-speed bearings. The only thing they're missing is a stopping mechanism. It's possible you stopped by turning both feet sideways at once, by dragging a toe behind you or, as a last resort, by simply falling down. We're sure a few scraped knees didn't hinder children of all ages from enjoying this activity.
What Is It?
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