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Lee Valley 35 Years  
  Volume 8, Issue 7 - July 2013    
The Popularity of Variegated Plants
With many new offerings gracing nursery shelves each year, variegated plants are certainly all the rage. This enthusiasm has even spawned a fraternity of collectors and connoisseurs whose gardens are devoted to such plants. Find out how variegated foliage can add a little panache to your garden. Read more...
Strawberry Tree: Love It or Hate It
Strawberry Tree: Love It or Hate It
Never heard of a strawberry tree? Neither had master gardener Gina Dobrodzicka until she moved from Eastern Canada to the Pacific coast. Although initially wary, she eventually became an admirer of this rare and intriguing tree. Read more...
What is it
What Is It?
Technically, this month's item has no relation to gardening. It is, however, associated with the outdoors and summer fun! Read more...
Interesting Read
Interesting Read
Some tidbits about growing Brussels sprouts from a gardening book originally published in 1883. Read more...
Customer Letter
Customer Letter
A suggestion for an alternative use for the tabletop tarp that might prove very handy to pet lovers, especially those with temperamental cats. Read more...
From The Garden
From the Garden
A grouping of lovely white and violet lupins photographed on a perfect summer day. See more...
Catalog Mailing
Catalog Mailing
Our Summer Gardening 2013 catalog is now available. If you would like to view it online, please click here.
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