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  Volume 8, Issue 8 - August 2013    
Customer Letter
Hello Lee Valley Tools,

Your plastic cloche (ED945) came in very handy in the wee hours of the morning — for catching a bat! The bat had gotten in the house through an open window, and even when the window was opened wide, it could not make its way out. After over an hour of waving a fishing net at it, all involved were getting exhausted. The bat occasionally landed high up on the drapes for a rest. I looked through the kitchen and garage for something lightweight enough to hold over my head (the Internet suggested Tupperware®), when the cloches caught my eye. The next time the bat landed on the drapes, down came a cloche over it. We slid an art-portfolio case over the opening and released the bat outside unharmed.

(Why no screen? The cat repeatedly pushes it out. Another story.)


Eleanor G.
White Rock, British Columbia
Ventilating cloches
These plastic ventilating cloches also make convenient bat catchers!
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