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Gardening Newsletter
  Volume 9, Issue 1 - January 2014  
Customer Letter
Dear Lee Valley,

Thank you for the recently published article in the online newsletter of November 2013. I am new to the world of winter gardening in a cold frame and loved the article as well as the suggestions for winter greens.

When I saw the picture of the cold frame in your newsletter, I thought that my husband, Pat, had sent you a picture of the cold frame he had made for me. Although it was not the same frame, the similarity was quite startling! In addition to an upright prop stick to open the lid and keep it open, he has adapted one of your tools, the Heat-Activated Window Opener (AM401), for use in my cold frame. I thought that it might be of interest to you.

Please see the attached photo of the Heat-Activated Window Opener in action.

Janet and Pat Rudka
Oshawa, Ontario.
Cold frame with Heat-Activated Window Opener
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