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  Volume 9, Issue 2 - February 2014  
Living Fossils in the Garden
Never heard of living fossils? These are ancient plants (or animals) with no known close relatives outside of the fossil record. In other words, they are the living reminders of extinct species. Read more...
Forcing Woody Plants
Forcing Woody Plants
Horticulturalist Frank Kershaw’s best prescription for the winter blues is to see and smell the wide variety of plants that are incredibly easy to coax into bloom. Forcing plants is not new and not limited to just bulbs, as many woody plants can also make good subjects. Read more...
What is it
What Is It?
Back in the day, these implements could really help you out of a bind in the kitchen. Read more...
Customer Letter
Customer Letter
It turns out that Lee Valley boxes are useful for more than just shipping our products! Read more...
From The Garden
From the Garden
Photographer Marilyn Cornwall submitted this striking photo of sweet autumn clematis seed heads on a Lavender Twist® redbud tree. See more...
Interesting Read
Interesting Read
This excerpt from Canadian Wildflowers, first published in 1868, discusses the early flowering rose (Rosa blanda). Read more...
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