Lee Valley Tools Woodworking Newsletter
Vol. 1, Issue 3
March 2007
From the Archive

Excerpt from Popular Mechanics Shop Notes Vol. 21, 1925

Carpenters' Improved Tool Box

The ideal carpenters' tool box should be light and strong, simply built, with space enough for all tools used on the ordinary job, and have a special place for each tool, so that the owner can see at a glance what tools, if any, are missing.

The tool box shown in the accompanying illustration fulfills these requirements almost perfectly, being but 31-1/4 in. long, 8-1/4 in. wide, and 13-3/8 in. high when closed, yet it opens into a vertical rack displaying all tools to the sight, with the most frequently used tools removable instantly and independently of the rest.

Open tool box
Tool box open ready for work, with saws on shelf.
  Three-ply birch panel veneer, 3/8 in. thick, is the material used, the main grain of the wood running length-wise of the box on top, bottom and sides and verticaIIy on the ends. Make glued butt joints, nailing with three-penny common nails every
2 inches. Lay out the lid, bore the hinge holes in the top of the box, and then rip the lid loose; this insures a perfect fit without further work. Attach the hinges with machine screws and nuts. The handles, made of hardwood in two pieces, as shown in the drawing, enable both lid and box to serve in the carrying strain.

Make a bit rack, as shown, of two tapered blocks, A and B, and place in the lid, block A being bored and B slotted. This rack is for seven sizes, from 11/16 to 1-1/8 in., and the bits are placed shank to lip, to save space. This rack is covered by the small-bit rack shown in the lower right-hand detail. Make this, on a 3/8 by 6-5/8 by 9-1/2 in. veneer back, with 3/8 by 5/8 in. strips, and attach turnbuttons to hold the bits. This rack is held firmly by the large-bit rack end stop, two small stops glued to the bottom and side of the compartment, and a small hook and eye attached to the end stop. By means of light turnbuttons, a butt chisel, spokeshave, bevel square, and gouge are held on the back of the smaller bit rack.

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