Lee Valley Tools Woodworking Newsletter
Vol. 1, Issue 3
March 2007
From the Collection

Lee Valley collection

Replica anvils
Miniature replica anvils from the Lee Valley collection.

The reproduction in a smaller or miniature scale from an original has been a fascination for many craftsmen and hobbyists. However, it is certainly not the suggested answer for this group of small anvils from the Lee Valley collection of tools. There have been many discussions about scale replicas of a full-sized item, and the four anvils shown here all have different explanations as to their origin.

Anvil 1:  Possibly a salesman's sample or perhaps from an early children's toy kit. Salesmen's samples allowed the itinerant salesman to carry a range of products that reflected the construction and appearance of larger items. In later years, the printed catalog in some ways supplanted the need for the overfull sample case. The phrase 'salesman's sample' is a much-overused description.

  Possible sample or toy
This anvil was possibly a sales–
man’s sample or a piece from a child's toy kit.
Commemorative or advertising piece
A promotional anvil.

  Anvil 2:  A true commemorative or advertising piece, possibly for a foundry or other manufacturer. While a location is often found marked on such items, the early date (1883) is somewhat unusual. The real rarity here is the source, which is Montreal, Canada.

Anvil 3:  A jeweler's or watchmaker's anvil, meant to be left on the bench. The chrome or nickel plating gave an air of smooth precision, a quality often associated with the skills required for this type of work.
  Jeweler’s or watchmaker’s anvil
This jeweler’s or watchmaker’s anvil displays sleek lines.

Souvenir anvil
A souvenir anvil.
  Anvil 4:  The inscription on this anvil reads, "Veritas Vincit," which translates to, "truth conquers," the motto of the clan Keith. The place marking, “Stonehaven” (located in Scotland), is the home of Dunnottar castle, which has a long history that includes sacking by William Wallace in 1297. It's probably a souvenir piece made expressly for the tourist trade.

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