Lee Valley Tools Woodworking Newsletter
Vol. 1, Issue 4
May 2007
Build a Five-Paddle Hanger

This hanger supports five paddles, yet consists of only two pieces - a backboard and a paddle support. Since little wood is required, why not use the finest hardwoods found in the off-cut pile? The backboard and the hanger bracket can even be made from contrasting woods. An elliptical bow in the front of the hanger bracket displays the paddles, overlapping them for efficient storage.

The finished hangers
The paddle hanger on the left is made from black cherry, while the one on
the right is figured maple.

If you don't have five paddles to hang, remove the back-left and back-right paddle slots from the sample version to create a three-paddle hanger. The bowed front will have a smaller radius accordingly. Simply position the slot for the center paddle 5/8" closer to the front so it can overlap the blades of the two rear paddles. A paddle hanger that holds six or more paddles can be made in the same fashion, but the curved display gives way to a staggered linear formation, again, with a 5/8" separation in depth front to back.

Hanger components
The backboard - which attaches to the wall - provides room for creative licence. I cut the backboard in the shape of a canoe, but carvers might want to leave it rectangular and work a suitable scene into it.

However, the true beauty of this hanger lies in its layered-paddle presentation. A gentle bow in the front of the paddle support creates the depth required to store three rows of paddles - two in the back, two in the middle and one in the front.


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