Lee Valley Tools Woodworking Newsletter
Vol. 2, Issue 2
November 2007
What Is It?

Buggy Whip Holder

Shown here is a purpose-built, cast-iron buggy whip holder used for displaying various buggy whip makers' samples. They were usually positioned beside the door or above the end of the store counter. Available in two sizes (larger is shown), there was also a smaller rack-type whip holder, which hung against a wall.

This complex device is made from a high-quality sand casting, which embodies the unique skills of the many patternmakers and sand molders of the last century. Often discarded, these holders can be found at auction or in antique stores, where they are often incorrectly described as heating grates or stovepipe protectors.

If one had walked into any major hardware or general store in North America after 1910, it would have been unlikely that this device would be occupying its customary place alongside the harnesses and other necessary daily tools specifically marketed for use with the horse-drawn vehicle. The demise of the horse and buggy was hastened by the rising popularity of the automobile and its widespread availability by that time.
  Holder with whip

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