Lee Valley Tools  Woodworking Newsletter
 Vol. 2, Issue 3
 January 2008
Featured Articles
Making a Wooden Bicycle
Making a Wooden Bicycle
To fulfill a class requirement, a 16-year-old high-school student took on the challenge of building a functional wooden bicycle using only wood, glue and his passion for woodworking and design. Find out how this young yet accomplished woodworker did it.
Tuning and Using Molding Planes
Tuning and Using Molding Planes
The first article in this series of two described the features collectors should look for when purchasing molding planes. This second installment focuses on practical aspects such as how to clean them, how to keep them well tuned and how to use them. Read more...
Making Mock Flat Panels
Fine woodworking projects have their place; it just may not be around rambunctious children. When making a piece of furniture that will endure years of child-inflicted abuse, you may not want to spend ample workshop time adding intricate woodworking details to it. Instead, try this method for making mock flat panels. It takes less work, but still looks great.
What's New in Woodworking
Hirsch Carving Tools

Carving Tools
Clipboard Clip and Calculator

Clipboard Clip
and Calculator
90° Angle Driver

90° Angle

Loc-Line® Dust Collection System

Loc-Line® Dust
Collection System
Incra® Rules & Protractor

Incra® Rules
& Protractor
Corrosion-Inhibiting Storage Bags

Storage Bags
Veritas® Cane & Staff Tip

Veritas® Cane
& Staff Tip
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