Lee Valley Tools Woodworking Newsletter
Vol. 2, Issue 4
March 2008
From the Archive
  Excerpt from Popular Mechanics Shop Notes, Volume 21, 1925.  
  Convenient Box for Nails and Screws  
  The handy box illustrated is made up into as many compartments as desired, all but one being provided with an individual cover when in use. This makes it possible to expose only the contents in the compartment in use. Also, the contents of one compartment can be dumped out without emptying the whole box.  
  Tool chest  
  A box of this type will prove a special convenience to patternmakers and other woodworkers.  
  The covers are pyramidal in shape, with a depression in the top for moving them conveniently with the finger. In case it is desired to carry the box in a tool chest, where it might be upset, covers are provided for all the compartments; the extra one is slipped on just before the box is packed, and all the covers are locked in place by dropping a nail into a hole drilled through one cover and the end of the box, as in the side view.  
  Editor's Note: This is a reprint of an article published in 1925. It describes what was recommended in accordance with the knowledge and practices of the day. While reading it, please consider this fact.  
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