Lee Valley Tools Woodworking Newsletter
Vol. 2, Issue 6
July 2008
Featured Patents

Record Skew Rabbet Plane

Record Skew Rabbet Plane

Introduced in 1935 by Record, the trademark name of C. & J. Hampton of Sheffield, England, the Record skew rabbet plane was offered in three sizes: the 712 had a 1-1/4" cutter, the 713 had a 1-1/2" cutter, and the plane shown, the 714, had a 1-3/4" cutter. All models were available until manufacturing was discontinued in 1943. It is thought that some remaining stock was available until 1962, the date at which the plane was finally removed from the Record tool catalog.

No patent was applied for or issued for this innovative metal plane. Particularly interesting are the cast receptacle for the hand and the advertised fully ground sides that allowed the plane to be used on either side in a manner similar to a shooting plane. The skewed cutter was certainly only a continuation of this type of cutter placement found previously in wooden badger and rebate (rabbet) planes.
Record Skew Rabbet Plane

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