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  Volume 11, Issue 1 - September 2016    
Making Forged Nails
Within the walls of Clouterie Rivierre, a 19th century factory that still manufactures nails, it seems as if time has stopped. The building, the machines with their deafening noise, and the workers' expertise have remained unchanged for more than a hundred years. It is the oldest factory in France and the last active nail manufacturing plant in the country. Read more...
Custom-Built Hybrid Workbench
Custom-Built Hybrid Workbench
Woodworker Charles Mak's approach to building his workbench may not be common, but the result is a bench that can handle whatever challenges you throw at it. Find out if his approach will work for you, too. Read more...
What Is It?
What Is It?
This screwdriver with a twist will keep you guessing as to what it's used for. Read more...
From the Collection
From the Collection
These crampons attached to a boot or shoe for extra grip in icy conditions. Read more...
Project of the Month
Customer Project
High school teacher Doug Peterman made this lovely hand-etched small block plane. Read more...
Featured Patent
Featured Patent
This interesting saw was patented by William G. Anderson in 1902. Read more...
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