Lee Valley Tools  Woodworking Newsletter
 Vol. 3, Issue 1
 September 2008
Featured Articles
Building Sawhorses
Building Sawhorses
There are as many uses for sawhorses in the workshop as there are plans to build them. This fairly common design results in sturdy sawhorses that nest for compact storage. What's different is they're made from plywood scraps stacked together to create the joints. Read more...
Automata: A Fascinating Woodcraft
Automata: A Fascinating Woodcraft
Automata making is a mechanically oriented form of woodcraft, often made to amuse and entertain the viewer. The finished product is usually a hand-cranked object or mechanical sculpture that ranges from the simple to the complex and imitates the actions of a living creature. Read more...
  Discovery In a Tree Trunk
Discovery In a Tree Trunk
One of Combermere, Ontario's most interesting artifacts was discovered only because a natural disaster battered the small town two years ago. Amid the many damaged trees was a relic that now draws curious tourists every season, but the lucky find almost didn't happen. Read more...
What's New in Woodworking
Veritas® Skew Rabbet Plane

Skew Rabbet Plane
Magnetic Paintbrush Holder

Paintbrush Holder
Knife Sharpener

Firewood Splitter

What's New in Hardware
Casual Elegance Suite

Casual Elegance
Italian Designs Handles II

"Italian Designs"
Handles II
Acanthus Suite

Celtic Suite

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