Lee Valley Tools Woodworking Newsletter
Vol. 3, Issue 2
November 2008
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Cord   Cord - handle end

Arthur Jones of Chicago, Illinois, sought to address this problem with his first patent (#598,729) issued on February 8, 1898. He claimed that by having an endless cable or cord, the blade could be rotated to facilitate sharp turns, eliminating the awkwardness of turning the frame. The saw frame was a three-sided bent piece that sat over the blade and allowed for the cable or cord to pass through it to each end of the saw blade. The blade could be manipulated by rotating the handle. Keeping the blade taut was achieved by the natural springing of the frame after the blade was inserted. His other claim was a set screw that held one end of the blade in the handle. The other forked end held a rolled section or a pin, as found on the small blades available at the time. Pushing the cover up or down as needed provided tension in the cable. Mr. Jones was apparently a committed and gifted tinkerer.

On January 10, 1899 (11 months later), Mr. Jones filed patent # 617,440 after changing the protective cover over the cord. It was now a solid tube with slots to facilitate the threading of the cord. At that time, all the other features stayed the same. Not content, Mr. Jones filed a further patent (#686,227) on November 5, 1901, in which he called this version a coping or scroll saw. The cover tube and cord were eliminated, and the holders rotated the blade after releasing the blade tension. Formed detents allowed for blade rotation. There's more—in patent #803,694, filed November 7, 1905, Mr. Jones reverted back to his second patent and succeeded in making the construction even more complicated.

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