Lee Valley Tools  Woodworking Newsletter
 Vol. 3, Issue 3
 January 2009
Featured Articles
How to Use Cut Nails
How to Use Cut Nails
Most woodworkers think nails are cheap joinery. However, much high-style antique furniture uses a lot of nails—you just have to know where to look. In this article, find out how to use the right nail for furniture
(a cut nail instead of a wire nail), and how to use it in a carcass correctly.
Building a Murphy Bed
Building a Murphy Bed
For one woodworker, constructing a Murphy bed was the ideal solution to alleviate space issues in his children's relatively small, shared bedroom. By tweaking the plan for aesthetic and practical purposes, and by making the unit into a knockdown assembly, the perfect solution became
even better.
Extreme Woodworking
If you lived on the world's coldest, iciest and driest continent, wouldn't you be inclined to spend less time outside and more time in the workshop? Find out about the woodwork happening at the three United States Antarctic Program year-round research stations. Read more...
What's New in Woodworking
Veritas® Beading Tool

Beading Tool
Norton 3X Grinding Wheels

Norton 3X
Grinding Wheels
Crown Molding Hanger

Molding Hanger
Baseboard Coping Fixture

Coping Fixture
Kreg™ K4 Pocket-Hole Jig

Kreg™ K4
Pocket-Hole Jig
Light Bulb Cage

Light Bulb
Michelangelo Paint Can Holder

Paint Can Holder
Flashlight with 9 LEDs

with 9 LEDs
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