Lee Valley Tools  Woodworking Newsletter
 Vol. 3, Issue 4
 March 2009
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Patricia's Bridal Cabinet
Patricia's Bridal Cabinet
Usually there are many stories behind a woodworking project, episodes leading up to the actual making of the piece that set the stage for the design and the quality. In this article, master woodworker Toshio Odate shares the special story behind Patricia's bridal cabinet, a project which, through a complex series of events, brought together many of his personal concepts and desires. Read more...
Printing on Plywood
Printing on Plywood
Sheets of 1/32" birch plywood serve many purposes, but have you ever considered feeding one through your printer? One author dared to try it, and by doing so discovered an easy and fun way to create everything from unique business cards to these cute Easter-themed decorations. Read more...
What's New in Woodworking
Swivel Connector

Dust Collection Network

Dust Collection
Trouble Light/Flashlight Holder

Trouble Light/
Flashlight Holder
Customize Your Fridge Magnet

Customize Your
Fridge Magnet
Twist-n-Seal® Stopper

Micro-Mesh® Discs

Premium Knee Pads

Knee Pads
Table-Saw Panel Lifter

Panel Lifter
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