Lee Valley Tools Woodworking Newsletter
Vol. 3, Issue 4
March 2009
Featured Patents

The Stanley Level #32 Inclinometer

Stanley Level #32 Inclinometer.

The #32 Graduating Plumb & Level was produced by Stanley Tools from 1863 to 1897 using a standard mahogany #9 production body with a recess machined into the side to house the unique mechanism. This level was an improvement over the earlier Brooks patent universal plumb and level that was discontinued by Stanley in 1865. Each level had a basic lever mechanism that transformed it into an inclinometer, a device that could measure angles and grade. This style of construction was a departure from the circular dial-type inclinometers offered by other manufacturers. The inclinometer feature allowed for repeatable measurements of angles other than plumb and level.

The actual patent is for a device that is inserted into the level body, allowing a precise measurement to be taken to establish a gradient or angle. The device is described as a right angle intersected at each end by a circular plane. A small level can be pivoted from the intersection of the two legs and the resulting angle can be read on the graduated scale.

Inclinometer inserted into the level.

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