Lee Valley Tools Woodworking Newsletter
Vol. 3, Issue 5
June 2009
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Chisel Display Board

Chisel display board

Some manufacturers used, as an advertising vehicle, elaborate sample boards or miniatures that were exact copies of their product. These could be given to an exclusive agent for a point-of-sale display or included in a travelling salesman's case and used to entice new customers.

This particular board has none of the expected high-quality finishes that would have been applied to a display to be viewed by prospective distributors or customers. Perhaps this example was a process board used to explain the various steps in the manufacture of two different chisel styles and was never meant to be used outside of the plant. Examination shows the previous existence of labels on each item, possibly to describe the various steps in production.

The five pieces shown here are tang-type chisels with a forged bolster. These show the manufacturing steps that should occur once the blank has been forged with a tang. Notice how the bolster (the raised section) becomes more refined as the chisel moves through the manufacturing process.

Tang-type chisel progression

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