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   Vol. 3, Issue 6
   July 2009
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Excerpt from Popular Mechanics: Shop Notes, Volume 26, 1930.

Angle-Iron Corner Fixture for Clamps

Angle-Iron corner fixture Difficulty is often experienced in fastening mitered corners together while the work has to be held square. Fig. 1 shows how a piece of 2-in. angle iron of appropriate length and a pair of clamps can be used to advantage. Fig. 2 illustrates a fixture that is of considerable value in working with sheet metal, for holding the pieces together while welding, brazing or other operations. Three pieces of angle iron are fastened together, while a fourth piece, of which the center section is cut away, is also provided. In use, the work is placed inside of the main part of the fixture, and the slotted section is pushed in against the work to hold it firmly in position, after which clamps are applied. The fixture can be laid on a bench horizontally so that melted solder or spelter will run into the corners of the work instead of collecting along the sides.

Editor's Note: This is a reprint of an article published in 1930. It describes what was recommended in accordance with the knowledge and practices of the day. While reading it, please consider this fact.

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