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   Vol. 4, Issue 1
   September 2009
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Dear Lee Valley,

I started practising Gary Rogowski's advice, found in Fine Woodworking magazine, to warm up with a five-minute dovetail. It is a nice start to a session, and the dovetails do improve as the practice pieces start to pile up.

As I was drilling holes close to the edge of my bench top for your Bench Pups®, I realized that if I drilled the same hole in one of the practice dovetail pieces I could cover the pup and keep tool steel away from contact with the metal pup.

Moreover, when using the covered bench pup as a stop, with another in the tail vise for clamping a work piece, the front dovetailed piece can rotate and lock against the bench just in case the workpiece, stop and planing force are not perfectly aligned.

Finally, I have a lot more of these pieces for replacement when these
wear out.

This might be a useful tip for other people who love your Bench Pups®.

Torrance, California

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