Lee Valley Tools    Woodworking Newsletter
   Vol. 4, Issue 2
   November 2009
   Handmade Drawer Pulls

Next, I cut a rabbet in the backs of the pulls to correspond with the drawer fronts' thickness and then planed down to my desired depths. When I was satisfied with the look, I crosscut the pieces to length and cleaned up the ends on a shooting board. I never trim small pieces like this on a power tool, as they can easily break off, jam the tool and cause serious injury. I then did a trial fit and made the necessary adjustments.

  Cleaning up the ends
  Cleaning up the ends using a shooting board.
The next step was to cut the rabbets in the drawer tops for the new pulls. I found it easiest to lay each pull on its drawer top, tape it into place, scribe a line at the ends and then remove it. I set a marking gauge to the exact thickness of the rabbeted side of each pull and then transferred this depth to each drawer front's top. This was also a good time to trim the pull flush to the inside back edge of the drawer front. Again, I safely accomplished this on my shooting board.

To cut the recesses, I started with a wide chisel and cut across the grain making a series of cuts along the entire length of the rabbets. Then, using a small router plane and some detail chisels, I cleaned out the waste. I checked the recesses for square and tried each handle, with the goal being a tight fit for each pull.

Using the marking gauge Rabbet cut in one of the drawers
Using the marking gauge. Rabbet cut in one of the drawer tops.
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