Lee Valley Tools    Woodworking Newsletter
   Vol. 4, Issue 2
   November 2009
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Workbench Accessories
Workbench Accessories
Building a workbench that suits your every need is not only practical, but rewarding. In this article, the author describes the customized workbench features he added to take it from a basic to a luxury model. Read more...
Handmade Drawer Pulls

Handmade Drawer Pulls
Rather than purchasing the hardware for your next project, why not try your hand at making your own pulls? They're relatively easy and add a handcrafted appearance to the project. Read more...
A Modern-Day Guild   A Modern-Day Guild
In medieval times, a guild was used as a means to control or restrict entry and advancement within a trade. This idea may seem passé to many today, but for the East Tennessee Woodworkers Guild, it still serves as an effective means of quality control. Read more...
    What's New in Woodworking
The Joiner and Cabinet Maker

The Joiner and
Cabinet Maker
Japanese Square

Magnetic Tack Strip

Tack Strip
Leigh Super FMT Jig

Leigh Super
    What's New in Gifts
Spill Plane

Spill Plane
Pocket Dynamo Flashlight

Pocket Dynamo
Twisty Pegs

Twisty Pegs
Machinist-Style Clamps

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