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   Vol. 4, Issue 3
   January 2010
   What Is It?

What Is It?

Some basic elements are required for all "What Is It?" columns. The variety of construction styles and materials used is often the most important aspect in trying to portray the visual and tactile mystery in these tools. Sometimes it is just the way the item is presented that causes indecision about its intended purpose. It is possible to confuse even the best historian by withholding important features such as a label or trademark. This type of omission can be particularly frustrating when dealing with an object where the query has come from a third party and a close physical examination cannot be done.

Well, we do not have that problem with this item. When picked for inclusion in the newsletter, there was never a thought as to the black hole one would fall into when researching this tool. In fact, we had more computers running than the SETI@home project and still found no trace of any information. It is clear what this is/was used for: it's some type of sanding device that allowed fresh sandpaper to be introduced by just rotating the two wooden cylinders and retaining tension with the nifty brass locks on the square axles.
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