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   Vol. 4, Issue 4
   March 2010
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Payson's Toboggan Plane

Payson's Toboggan Plane
At first glance this tool appears to be nothing more than some rolled metal and a carriage bolt, with a wing nut to hold a dedicated blade. Was it intended to supplant an existing design or was it just an innovative exercise in manufacturing? Whatever the origins of this design, the execution is flawless in its simplicity and it is easy to understand why the plane has been given its name.

It would appear the construction required only a punch press, with a dedicated or a progressive die to blank out the two major pieces. The final forming of the shape required a bending device or further die work to accommodate the raised edges on the sides and the additional body stiffener. This use of the flat and then rolled or formed section, punched out from sheet stock, eliminated the need for wooden patterns and the elaborate casting process, as found in other popular woodworking planes.

  Bent wings that stiffen the bed
  Bent wings that stiffen the bed.
The body has long shaped wings bent up to stiffen the bed ahead of and behind the blade opening. This bent-edge feature prevents the manufacture of the plane from simple flat bar and contributes much rigidity to the sole section.

The secondary riveted insert gives even more rigidity and attempts to provide a comfortable place for fingers to grab the body at the midpoint, ahead of the blade opening. It does not succeed, as the plane is somewhat awkward to grasp and is uncomfortable to use for extended periods.
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