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Excerpt from Popular Mechanics: Shop Notes, Volume 2, 1906.

A motorcycle may be rigged up to run shop machinery with excellent results. The motorcycle will provide as much power as a 3-hp engine and is not at all injured for use on the road by putting it to this purpose in the shop, says a correspondent of the American Blacksmith.

Using a Motorcycle for Shop Power
Using a Motorcycle for Shop Power

The arrangement is very simple. Make a stand, as shown in the sketch, to raise the wheel from the floor. Block the front wheel with a block on each side of the wheel, one in front and one at the rear. For the rear axle make a stand, A, and screw it fast to the floor. Make a small shaft, B, and fasten in the end of it a 20 tooth, 1/4-in. sprocket, C. Have it flush. Make journals or bearings, D, to hold the shaft and use collars, E, to keep it in place. Set this directly under the large sprocket of the rear wheel of the motorcycle, fasten it there and get a chain long enough to reach all the way around. Make the pulley, F, 6x3 or 4x3, of whatever speed desired, and put in place. Set the machine upstairs or down, as desired, and run the belt from the spark shaft to the line shaft. Fill the bicycle tank, which holds 1 gal. of gasoline, sufficient for 100 miles' run at a cost of about 14 cents. It is not necessary to keep gasoline in storage as when riding to and from the shop one may have the tank filled at a store. The bicycle can be taken from its stand for use on the road in five minutes.

This arrangement is suitable for running a drill press, horse clipper, grindstone, lathe, or emery wheel.

Editor's Note: This is a reprint of an article published in 1906. It describes what was recommended in accordance with the knowledge and practices of the day. While reading it, please consider this fact.
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