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   May 2010
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Dear Lee Valley,

I thought you might like to see the attached humidor that I just completed for my brother's 60th birthday celebration. While nothing very special in design, it does have some interesting attributes.

1) Lee Valley hardware was used throughout the box, in keeping with all the boxes I make. Newfound skills acquired this time around were mortising for locksets and inlaying of the plaque on the top. Flowing creative juices are evident in the design/execution of those whiter-than-white holly legs!

2) The mahogany came from an old "cigarette boat" of the 1920s. My two uncles owned that boat — The Owl — and while it might not have been very big compared to the norm of the day, they never had any problems making its bow jump out of the water when they gunned its engine! Or so I've been told….
  Mahogany humidor
  Mahogany humidor

"The Owl " boat

In any event, as with most good things whose time had come, it was dismantled and that gorgeous wood was divided among a number of relatives. My dad ended up with a small amount of it and when he passed, I inherited his woodpile that included a plank or two of this vintage mahogany. For my brother's 60th birthday, it just seemed to be the perfect choice for the casework of the humidor, while ensuring that this small piece of family history remains in the family for several more generations. The wood is a full 3/4" thick with a luminosity that almost makes it glow with a reddish-golden inner light.

Really, the pictures can do no justice to it and I'll be the first to verify that my talents do NOT reside behind a camera — but the patina is just that good!

Thanks in advance for taking the time to go through this missive and thanks again for giving us access to some of the best hardware that ever graced a box!

Ottawa, ON
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