Lee Valley Tools    Woodworking Newsletter
   Vol. 5, Issue 1
   September 2010
   Featured Articles
Simple Raised Panels by Hand Simple Raised Panels by Hand
You don't need a shaper with expensive cutters to create raised panels, just the proper hand tools. Christopher Schwarz shows you layout, how to set your tool and the right strokes to create a handmade raised panel. Read more...
Pine-Beetle Wood
Pine-Beetle Wood
Woodworker and artist Judson Beaumont has made a business — and his life — out of challenging himself to be more creative on every new project he tackles. His most recent challenge involves taking discarded, fungus-stained wood and turning it into beautiful pieces of functional art. Read more...
  Update: Lightweight Fabric Spray Booth
Although this article presented an informative and innovative idea, we have removed it to avoid issues resulting from any misuse of the instructions.
    What's New in Woodworking
Veritas® Quick-Release Tail Vise

Veritas® Quick-
Release Tail Vise
Rust Remover Concentrate

Rust Remover
3M Trizact™ Sharpening Belts

3M Trizact™
Sharpening Belts
Incra® Jig & Fixture Kit

Incra® Jig
& Fixture Kit
    What's New in Hardware
Bullseye Knobs

Expandable Wooden Dividers

Wooden Dividers
Mechanical Door Chime

Door Chime
Quadro Hardware

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