Lee Valley Tools    Woodworking Newsletter
   Vol. 5, Issue 2
   November 2010
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Mission Style Bookcase Mission Style Bookcase
Once he had completed a Mission Style rocking chair, woodworker Andy Newhouse was inspired to build a bookshelf to go with it. It wasn't necessary that the shelf match the chair's design, but it was important that it mirror it in terms of simplicity, functionality and elegance. Read more...
Shop-Built Saw Vise
Shop-Built Saw Vise
After taking some hands-on classes from a couple of masters at the 2009 Woodworking in America Conference, author Dominic Greco realized the need for using the proper, and properly tuned, tools. Inspired, he set about building a saw vise. Read more...
  Protecting Our Architectural Heritage
The next time you walk along Main Street in your hometown, take a look around you. The odds are good that some of the buildings you'll see are historic properties. These heritage buildings still exist, for our enjoyment and appreciation, because someone or some group recognized their value and protected them for future generations. Read more...
    What's New in Woodworking
Veritas® Carcass Saws

Carcass Saws
Universal Sharpener

Sjöbergs Compact Workbench

Sjöbergs Compact
Veritas® Inset Vise

Inset Vise
    What's New in Gifts
Veritas® P724 Plumb Bob

Veritas® P724
Plumb Bob
3D Pewter Key Chains

3D Pewter
Key Chains
Veritas® Miniature Edge Plane

Veritas® Miniature
Edge Plane
Flexible Spatulas

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