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   Vol. 5, Issue 4
   March 2011
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The Vertical Post
Vertical-post Stanley

  Rear view
  Rear view showing the brass disk
  Brass disk
  Close-up view of the disk and its markings
Given the vast selection available, planes are often the starting point for many hand-tool collectors. For those smitten with the habit, accumulating planes (be they wood, metal or wood-and-metal combinations) is much like collecting clamps: one is never enough. Yet every collection requires a cornerstone to build upon, whether for actual use or for just sitting on the shelf and being admired. For any plane aficionado, this plane is just that — a foundation or "must-have" item.

Bailey, Chaney & Co. of Boston, Massachusetts, produced it some time between 1861 and 1868. The metallic plane is an example of the second version that was manufactured, a combination of Leonard Bailey's 1855 and 1858 patents. Various sizes were advertised, from a #1 to a #8. This plane is 8" long, making it a #3 size.

By turning the brass disc, the blade can be advanced to regulate the cut. A flat spring has been placed ahead of this disc to create tension in the rocking cutter mechanism, so that any adjustment can be retained. The oversized disc is marked with "Bailey's Patent, Boston" and the two applicable dates.
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