Lee Valley Tools    Woodworking Newsletter
   Vol. 5, Issue 4
   March 2011
   Featured Articles
Testing Sharpening Stones Testing Sharpening Stones
For those who prefer to sharpen by hand, selecting the right water stone is essential. To help you do so, we tested some of the newer stones, comparing them to each other and to some other widely used ones. Read more...
Create a Conch Shell Inlay
Create a Conch Shell Inlay
Inlays and stringing can take a furniture project to the next level. Woodworker Ralph Bagnell explains his method for making medallions, which is adaptable to a variety of sizes and designs. Read more...
  Boring Bench-Dog Holes
When it comes to workbench holding devices, clamps usually come to mind first. However, a bench vise is arguably more appropriate, more effective and certainly faster to use. Having bench-dog holes in line with the bench vise greatly widens its holding capacity. Here's a simple jig to make easy work of boring those dog holes accurately. Read more...
    What's New in Woodworking
McGuire-Nicholas™ Carpenter's Pouches and Aprons

Pouches and Aprons
Mega Clamp™

Mega Clamp™
Japanese Finger Files

Finger Files
Dura-GRIT™ Flexible Sanding Sheets

Sanding Sheets
Shingle and Riving Froe

Shingle and
Riving Froe
Froe Mallet

Instructional Modules: Build a Maloof Inspired Rocker & Build a Maloof Inspired Low-Back Dining Chair

Build Maloof
Inspired Furniture
Bowclamp® Clamping Caul

Clamping Caul
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