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   Vol. 5, Issue 4
   March 2011
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Losee Wrench Device

Portable saw vise

The marking "Losee Wrench Works" on this tool left us wondering about its origins and use. Things became even more confusing until we found the patent information. The tool was obviously not a wrench, even though it was made by the Losee Wrench Company of Corry, Pennsylvania. This is a prime example of the importance of corporate branding. When a manufacturer introduces a product, branding plays an important role in ensuring successful sales. It signifies to the consumer that he or she is getting the authentic version of an item. Far too often, questionable companies copy a product in the hope of profiting from the costly design process that a reputable manufacturer undergoes to bring an item to the consumer.

  Vise with saw
  An example of on-site application of the portable saw vise
This portable saw vise was patented by Aaron Thomas Binkerd of Allegheny, Pennsylvania. From 1888 until at least 1903 and then subsequently in 1910 through his estate, Mr. Binkerd was prolific in producing patentable tools used in the woodworking trade, most notably for the itinerant tradesman or craftsperson. This vise is marked with two patent numbers and dates, #542,819 granted July 16, 1895 and #571,742 granted November 24, 1896.
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