Lee Valley Tools    Woodworking Newsletter
   Vol. 5, Issue 6
   July 2011
   From the Archive

Excerpt from Book of Trades, Algrove Publishing Classic Reprint Series, 1999. (Originally published in 1866.)

The Cabinet Maker and Upholsterer
  Cabinet maker's shop
The trades of the Carpenter and Joiner having been considered, we may now turn to that of the Cabinet Maker, who, though he makes the furniture of the house, and seldom has anything to do with building or fitting the house itself, uses many of the same tools as the joiner.

As the Cabinet Maker mostly works in more costly woods, and the operations of his trade have to be performed with greater nicety, his implements are generally of rather a better sort; while he has to fashion the articles in which he deals in so many different shapes that some of his tools, such as planes and gouges, are constructed especially for him, like the panel plane, used as its name implies in smoothing and forming the edges of panels for wardrobes, chiffoniers, and other pieces of furniture before they are placed in their frames, and the veneer plane, intended for putting on veneers, or the thin slabs of costly wood with which more common woods are frequently covered. The smoothing plane and the rebate plane, as well as the hand saw, the tenon saw, the gimlet, and the rule and square, have already been mentioned in connexion with the joiner's business.

Then there are moulding planes, with their blades shaped hollow so that they will cut a strip of wood into a rounded form, or shaped round so as to cut a hollow groove.
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