Lee Valley Tools    Woodworking Newsletter
   Vol. 5, Issue 6
   July 2011
   A Project of Magnitude: Building a Boardroom Table

Executive boardroom table
The design and constructions details used to create this boardroom table could be adapted to build a smaller-scale version.

When the opportunity to design and build an executive boardroom table presented itself, I felt both excited and a bit overwhelmed. I knew working with such large veneered panels would be challenging, but, with the assistance of my associates, I was able to overcome my trepidation. In this article, I will describe how we built this rather distinct piece of furniture and share some of the tricks we employed. Most of what you read here could be used in making a beautiful dining table.

  Selecting the boards
  The author selecting the boards.
The table has three main components: a four-section elliptical table top, veneered in walnut and bordered with 3" wide quilted cherry; two curved support columns, also veneered in walnut and edged in quilted cherry; and an adjoining substructure to link the support columns with the top. I used 1" thick MDF for the table top's substrate material and three layers of 8mm flexible plywood for the columns' substrate.
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