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   Vol. 5, Issue 6
   July 2011
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The Walk-Around Workbench
The Walk-Around Workbench
When woodworker David Randall needed a bench that would allow him to work from all sides in his small English garage, he designed the "walk-around workbench". Although a larger bench would fit in his new, roomier garage, he rebuilt his original bench because it's easy to use and serves him so well. Read more...
A Project of Magnitude: Building a Boardroom Table
A Project of Magnitude: Building a Boardroom Table
It's true that most home woodworkers have neither the need nor the space to build a table of such grand scale; however, many of the interesting design and construction details can be easily adapted and used to create a table more suitable to your needs. Read more...
Clamping Techniques and Tricks
Clamping involves a lot more than just fastening parts together. This article offers advice such as the number of clamps required for a specific job, where they should be positioned and techniques and available shop aids for clamping different types of joints. Read more...
    What's New in Woodworking
DMT DiaSharp® Stones

DMT DiaSharp®
Cree® LED Headlamp

LED Headlamp
Portable Electronic Scale

Electronic Scale
Knock-Down Fasteners

Wrench Extender

Precision Inlay Corner Jig

Precision Inlay
Corner Jig
The Anarchist's Tool Chest

The Anarchist's
Tool Chest

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