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   Vol. 6, Issue 1
   September 2011
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Arched-Top Hope Chest Arched-Top Hope Chest
An arched top not only adds extra storage space to a hope chest but, a distinctive design element as well. Woodworker Marty Schlosser describes the vacuum-veneer method he used to make curved panels for his chest, which can be done even if you don't have a vacuum press. Read more...
Handling Screwdrivers
Handling Screwdrivers
If you're looking for a way to make your fine tools finer — and if you're tired of looking at the less than eye pleasing plastic handles that most standard screwdriver sets come with — try adding your own carved wooden handles. Read more...
Sam Bat®
Sam Bat®
Presented with the problem of baseball bat breakage in the major leagues, Sam Holman came up with a simple answer: make them out of maple instead of ash. Here's how a small bat manufacturer became a big deal in the big leagues. Read more...
    What's New in Woodworking
Veritas® Small Bevel-Up Smooth Plane

Veritas® Small
Bevel-Up Plane
LED Infrared Detection Light

LED Infrared
Detection Light
Bessey® Auto-Adjust Toggle Clamps

Toggle Clamps
Stanley Sweetheart® Socket Chisels

Socket Chisels
Bench Pucks™

Hand-Crank Chain-Saw Sharpener

Veritas® Magnetic Saw Guides

Saw Guides
Pumpkin-Carving Set

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