Lee Valley Tools    Woodworking Newsletter
   Vol. 6, Issue 2
   November 2011
   What Is It?

Mea Culpa "What's It"
What Is It?

This issue's item is clearly not an unidentifiable object of the sort one normally finds in this section, and for that I humbly apologize. Things are getting tough at the old what's-it wellhead, as it seems every historical and technical magazine now has a section devoted to identifying bizarre and arcane devices. That makes it somewhat difficult not to repeat what others have explored and to keep the reader engaged. Frankly, some knowledge has simply disappeared (or can't be found on the Internet). It would be easy to present only items from the 17th century, for example, as there would be a much higher degree of guessing involved. Buckminster Fuller's theory of "ephemeralization" and another popular associated theory of accelerating change also contribute to the dwindling supply of material for this section of the newsletter. However, once again, we will claim immunity with this offering; and while it does not adhere to the formula, it certainly has a few quirks to keep everybody guessing not about what it is but more about why it is.

The noted science fiction writer and editor H.L. Gold coined the phrase "what will they think of last", and here we have an extraordinary example of that. Russian in origin, this plane is a spectacular interpretation of the handled rebate jack plane. Presumably designed in the 1950s (only a theory), and not collected until 1993, it is in unused, mint condition, with remnants of storage grease on it. At 12" long, the cast iron body is extremely robust. Its width is 2-3/8", allowing for a 2" cutter, with the slot cut in from one side. There is no evidence of body warp, as is found on other examples of planes with this type of escapement.
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