Lee Valley & Veritas Woodworking
Lee Valley 35 Years  
  Volume 7, Issue 5 - May 2013    
Interesting Read
Excerpt from Camping and Woodcraft by Horace Kephart, 1921.

Bending Wood
Small pieces of green wood can be bent to a required form by merely soaking the pieces for two or three days in water, but if it is desired that they should retain their new shape, they should be steamed. Small pieces can be immersed in a kettle of hot water. A long, slender one is suppled by laying it over the kettle, mopping it with boiling water, and shifting it along as required. Large pieces may be steamed in a trench partly filled with water, by throwing red-hot stones into it. Then drive stout stakes into the ground, in the outline desired, and bend the steamed wood over these stakes, with small sticks underneath to keep the wood from contact with the ground, that it may dry more readily. If a simple bow-shape is all that is wanted, it can be secured by merely sticking the two ends of the wood into the ground and letting the bow stand upright to dry; or, use the Spanish windlass, as shown in Fig. 54.
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