Lee Valley & Veritas Woodworking
Lee Valley 35 Years  
  Volume 7, Issue 6 - July 2013    
Build a Rolling Tool Tote
If you're a woodworker, a gardener or, like writer Serge Duclos, have two daughters who often ask you to do repairs and renovations for them, you know what lugging tools is all about. This rolling tool tote makes your life easier and your load lighter. Read more...
Make Knobs and Pulls Quietly
Make Knobs and Pulls Quietly
There's no lack of instructions on how to make your own handles. In fact, woodworker Charles Mak found close to a dozen articles on shop-made handles. All of them, however, suggested the use of power tools. Here are some techniques and a jig he used to make custom pulls with only hand tools. Read more...
What Is It?
What Is It?
Although it's not a woodworking tool, this item served a vital function in the workshop. Read more...
From the Collection
From the Collection
This rare Preston shoulder plane was one of the beauties featured on the cover of last year's Lee Valley Annual Woodworking Tools Catalog. Read more...
Interesting Read
Interesting Read
Basic carving techniques for optimizing surface light and shade are explained in this excerpt from a 1916 secondary-school woodworking textbook. Read more...
Project of the Month
Customer Project
Creating automata projects is a great way for Al Conquergood to combine his interests in woodworking, engineering and art. Take a look at more of his creations. Read more...
Featured Patent
Featured Patents
This scraping plane, made by the Eclipse Plane Co. of Coshocton, Ohio, was first patented in 1874. Read more...
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