Lee Valley Tools Gardening Newsletter
Vol. 1, Issue 1
November 2006
Winter Gardens

Those of us in less temperate climes can face long winters. Spending the off-season looking out at an unrelieved expanse of snow or the frost-hardened ground can make it seem even longer. That's why people are paying more attention to what their garden looks like in winter, and adding form, movement and color to liven up the scene.

Bird Call
Bird feeders top my list of winter must-haves. Birds bring color and movement into the garden. In addition, well-selected and well-placed feeders make their own visual contribution to the landscape.

Touches of Green
Evergreen trees and shrubs are next on the list. They also add color, form and texture (not to mention shelter for feeder-visiting birds). Evergreens come in several shapes vertical, mounding, narrow, triangular, round and offer hundreds of choices suitable for virtually all climates.

Snow-Covered Evergreen

In colder regions, stick to hardy conifers cedars, pines, spruces, junipers and their kind. Gardens with deep snow cover will need large or tall selections, while areas that receive less or intermittent snow can include dwarf cultivars.

Gardeners in milder climates have the bonus of broad-leafed evergreen choices, such as boxwoods, hollies and rhododendrons. Of these, some cultivars will survive in cold gardens, but they generally require swathing in either snow or burlap, thereby negating their aesthetic appeal.

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