Lee Valley Tools Gardening Newsletter
Vol. 1, Issue 1
November 2006
Customer Letters

I thought you might be interested in the enclosed photo of an orphaned fawn that has taken a fancy to your (my) polypropylene mat. He started appearing on my deck in early January (2005). Following close inspection, he settled down for a snooze in the sun, and finding it satisfactory, he has returned several times.

My isolated location in the Big East River Hills has an overpopulation, causing severe damage from overbrowsing. I started seeing him alone around mid-June, so he was orphaned early. Itís been an education seeing his food choices, including limestone pebbles from the driveway, lily-of-the-valley and everything else except digitalis. How does he know?

Heís very thin and I doubt heíll make it through the winter. I thought perhaps he might tag along with another deer family but, although they touch noses, he shows no inclination to follow them.

I, too, like the mat.

Huntsville, Ontario

The Fawn

Editorís Update:
After unsuccessfully attempting to nurse from any passing doe and nearly starving to death, the fawn eventually did join a deer family consisting of a doe, a yearling and two fawns. Our customer continued to see him after heíd grown into a significantly undersized buck. The last time she spotted him, he lazily sunned himself on her property while she worked close by.

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