Woodworking Newsletter
Vol. 1, Issue 1
October 2006
Rustic Coat Rack

  1. Collect a suitable number of old tools. Any wooden-handled tool can be used, as long as you can hang a coat on it. Old hammers work well and are readily available from garage sales and flea markets.

  2. You will also need a piece of wood for the backing. You can use barnboard or driftwood if you want a rustic look. Select a piece of wood that has a relatively flat back so that it will be flush to the wall after installation. If it's uneven, the wood can be planed or shimmed. Another option is to use a piece of milled hardwood that you can stain or paint. The size can vary.

  3. After selecting the materials, use a handsaw or bandsaw to cut the hammer handles to any length you want. We cut ours so that the length from the top of the head to the end of the handle is 4-1/2".

  4. Holding the head of the hammer in a vise, use a 1/2" tenon cutter on the end of the shortened handle. The tenon should be about 1/2" long.

    tenoning the handle

  5. Using a ruler and square, lay out the hole positions on the backboard. These will hold the hammer-handle tenons. Unless you want a staggered or random appearance, the holes should be in line with each other and placed so that they will be level once the rack is mounted. First measure and mark an equal distance from each end of the board (this length can vary to suit the dimensions of the materials you are using, but 3" or more works well for most coat racks). A hammer will go in each of these spots. We used three hammers in total, so we simply measured the distance between these marks and divided it in half to determine the placement of the third hammer.

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