Lee Valley Tools Woodworking Newsletter
Vol. 1, Issue 5
July 2007
The Log Workshop - Part 3

With the outside of the building sealed for the winter, electrical work began inside. The area between the logs was the perfect place to run wiring and place electrical boxes. To hide the vertical wire runs, I drilled holes through the logs and the wires were hidden in there.

After the electrical work was done, it was time to insulate. I decided that spray-foam insulation would be the perfect material to use between the logs. In addition to being an excellent insulator, it provided a vapor barrier that sealed any pinholes in the chinking. Despite a careful application of foam by a professional, I still had to clean the logs with a wire brush to remove the overspray. In the process, I destroyed two drills - mine and of course, my dad's. Cleaning a building with a rotary wire brush was onerous, but I still preferred it to chinking.

The author decided that spray-foam insulation was the best material to use between the logs.
The window and door trim on the interior of the building is purely decorative, but on the outside it is required to protect the openings against the elements. To create a weatherproof fit, logs that protruded above the surface of the window frame were rebated, which allowed the window trim to lie flat on the wall. For accuracy, I created jigs for my skill saw and router that registered off the window face to remove any high spots on the logs. I milled the window trim from white cedar, and used an old molding plane to quickly produce a simple, decorative bead typical of the era. To attain the appropriately aged look, we applied a coat of white paint tinted with the same ochre pigment used in the chinking, then later topped it with garnet shellac.   Window trim
Employing various techniques helped the author achieve a perfectly aged look on the new, outside window trims.

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