Lee Valley Tools Woodworking Newsletter
Vol. 1, Issue 5
July 2007
Customer Letters

Dear Lee Valley,

I've been a customer for many years and have really enjoyed your woodworking tools as well as various gift items. Your tools have enabled me to build furniture for my children and toys for our grandson. My wife enjoys a dresser and a buckboard bench in our hallway.


But what I have enjoyed the most and found the most challenging was building stripper canoes and a kayak this year. The kayak is Ted Moores' 17' Endeavour, and the plans were a gift from my wife. The tools to build the canoes and kayak were bought at your store—a flush-cutting hand saw, a dovetail saw, microplane rasps, chisels, scrapers and the bead and cove router bits.


Thank you for your quality tools, which make a challenging job much easier to accomplish. The enclosed photos show the three canoes and kayak I've built, plus a few canoe paddles.


Kayak   Paddles

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