Lee Valley Tools Woodworking Newsletter
Vol. 1, Issue 5
July 2007
Featured Patents

The original intent of dominating fastener manufacture became sidetracked by the offering of a different type of screwdriver branded with the Robertson name. The answer was to invent a new type of screw. Papers requesting a patent were filed on October 18, 1930, and that patent (#1,910,182) was granted on May 23, 1933. The new fastener was called "the slotted socket screw". It is questionable whether this screw was ever manufactured.

The screwdriver shown here is conspicuously marked with a patent date of 1930, along with the full name, "ROBERTSON COMBINATION SOCKET AND SLOT SCREW DRIVER" (note the name reversal) along with, "PAT. - 1930", "P.L. Robertson Mfg. Co. Limited" and "Milton Ont.". It has the traditional red-colored wooden handle associated with the early Robertson-manufactured screwdrivers. The reversible tool bits are of the socket type on one end, and the slot type on   Markings

the other end. They represent three common Robertson sizes and three sizes of slot. They are an even straw color, indicating that they have been hardened and drawn to a good workable temper.

Psst…can you pass me that green-handled screwdriver?

Robertson Screwdrivers

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