Lee Valley Tools Woodworking Newsletter
Vol. 2, Issue 3
January 2008
Featured Patents

The Davis Levels

The L.L. Davis Company of Springfield, Massachusetts started manufacturing levels and other tools in 1867, following the granting of U.S. Patent No.68,961 in September of that year. The company originally formed to produce a range of inclinometer and regular spirit-type carpenter levels. It is interesting to note that the patent drawing in no way resembles the actual construction of the levels initially offered, although the company's mantel clock inclinometer did share basic design similarities. This original patent simply clarified the use of the inclinometer-type disc in the manufacture of a level with a spirit bubble. It was in 1868 that U.S. Patent No. 75,533 was granted and design # D-3195 filed, which illustrated the style of construction that is identified as being the classic metal Davis level. The early cast-iron filigree and smaller pocket examples from this period had hand-painted gold accents.

Inclinometer level with hand-painted gold accents   Mantel clock style inclinometer level

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