Lee Valley Tools Woodworking Newsletter
Vol. 3, Issue 2
November 2008
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Goose-Wing Axes

The resemblance to a goose wing provided the descriptive name for this type of axe, which traces its roots to 14th and 15th century Europe. It later made its way to North America, finding acceptance in Pennsylvania where a limited number of blacksmiths copied the form.

Today, most of this type of axe found in North America originated in Austria and other middle-European countries. The markings stamped into the axes have a symbolic meaning. This type of hammered-punch stamping is common on genuine older axes imported into North America. In recent years, there have been a large number of similar axes brought into North America, of which the ages and markings are sometimes questionable. This type of axe is still being manufactured today in Austria and Germany and is used in timber framing and hewing.
  Goose-wing axes
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