Lee Valley Tools Woodworking Newsletter
Vol. 3, Issue 2
November 2008
Featured Patents

Jones Scroll Saws

Jones scroll saws

Victorian-era design can often be characterized by its excessive ornamentation. On the exteriors of homes and other buildings of that period, decoration regularly included complex brackets and pattern-cut shingles, along with elaborate gable and verge boards. Inside the home, wall panels and other sections were made using a technique known as fretwork or pierced sawing. Many companies produced patterns for hobbyists and professionals so they could create attractive items using a hand scroll or coping saw.

When doing fretwork, the need to acutely turn the saw within the cut, which allows for small-diameter circles and slender slots and curves associated with ornate designs, can be a problem. Jewelers use an extremely fine-pitch thin blade with much tension in their saw frames, which is preferable for thinner work and smaller items. A larger section, such as 1/2" thick wood, requires a more robust blade that is less prone to bending to achieve a consistent straight or curved cut.

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